Advice to follow when travelling behind tractors

NFU Mutual Insurance Society has issued a list of tips for drivers who find themselves stuck behind tractors on a rural road.

Now that schools have broken up, extra traffic is heading for the countryside just at the time when harvesting is getting underway and large numbers of tractors are likely to be on country roads.

So, NFU advises, it is best to be patient when driving behind tractors as "they are rarely travelling long distances and should pull in regularly to let following vehicles overtake".

To avoid accidents it is advisable to be prepared for tractors to turn into fields and farmyards and other less obvious turnings.

It is wise to bear in mind that when turning right a tractor with a trailer will pull over to the left first in order to negotiate the turn.

Ian Jewitt, of NFU Mutual risk management services said: "A common cause of accidents occurs when tractors slow down before turning right and impatient following drivers tend to try and overtake without realising that the tractor is about to move across the road."


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