AA to offer new speed camera alerts to drivers

The AA has announced that it will now be offering speed camera alerts to drivers using its route planner facility, which will appear at the relevant points in the driver’s journey.

This development is thanks to an agreement between the AA and RoadPilot and is available free of charge on the association’s site.

RoadPilot was the first company to market a GPS device to locate speed cameras and is now reportedly the leading provider of speed camera and safety data to the automotive sat-nav industry in the UK.

James Flynn, CEO of RoadPilot, said that the initiative could help drivers avoid incurring points on their licences.

"Driving along unfamiliar roads can be very stressful without the aid of detailed route advice and it is all too easy to incur penalty points and a fine for travelling too fast if you are unaware of local speed limits," Mr Flynn commented.

"The detailed route plans available through the AA’s hugely popular website now offer an ideal solution, with the step-by-step route guidance forewarning users whenever they are approaching a speed camera site."

According to the AA, its route planner is one of the busiest motoring sites in the UK, with around 360,000 routes provided every day.


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