AA appeals to chancellor not to raise fuel duty

The Automobile Association (AA) has written to the chancellor, Alistair Darling, to ask him not to add any more duty to fuel in the March Budget.

It says that large rises in oil prices during 2007 have already lead to unexpected increased revenues.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "The AA analysis shows that the Chancellor has already bagged an unexpected windfall of more than £4 billion from motorists and the oil industry in the last twelve months and therefore even if he scraps the threatened 2p litre increase he would still be £3 billion better off.

"The record pump prices are already hitting those on low incomes, rural, disabled and many car dependent motorists, so an extra increase would be unjust, unfair and unnecessary. The Chancellor needs to listen to what the voters are saying and scrap this proposed tax increase."

Members of social networking sites, such as Facebook, have tried to urge other members to boycott certain petrol service stations, forcing competition to encourage forecourt prices to fall, ever since the petrol and diesel prices went past the £1 per litre mark.


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