A slight difference of opinion over who takes care of the car

Three fifths of men say that they maintain the main car in their household, yet only a third of women describe their partner as looking after it.

When it comes to taking the car to the garage, for servicing or repairs, however, four fifths of men said this was their job, compared to 47 per cent of women.

Men are more likely to tax the car with nearly four fifths doing this themselves compared to 57 per cent of women. 40 per cent of people aged 35-44 said they had bought their car tax online, but most appear to have done this whilst at work – only one in five unemployed people had tried.

Four fifths of males said they were responsible for filling up the car with fuel compared to three fifths of females, although over half of all motorists put fuel in the car at least once a week, costing them more than £30 – with one in ten spending more than £50 per week on fuel.

Adrian Bryant, from Halifax credit cards, comments: "People can spend sometime thinking about how they are going to finance the purchase of a new car but as this survey shows, it is also important to consider how you intend to finance smaller motoring purchases such as petrol, tax and maintenance."

With two in every five people using a debit card for motoring transactions, and almost half of all women, identity theft security measures at garage forecourts are very important.


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