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Electric vehicles (EVs) are starting to become a more regular sight each day. And there’s good reason for that, as EVs have become a great alternative to cars with combustion engines.

But why is that, and should you you be looking to buy one as your next vehicle? Take a look at why an EV might be right for you.

Environmental impact

Battery-powered models produce no emissions on the road at all. This makes it better for other roads users and the environment, as less harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere.

Lower running costs

You don’t have to fill EVs up with fuel, or pay car tax or congestion charges, so you only have to worry about charging it up either at home or at public points. Servicing costs are also much lower as they have fewer moving parts. 

Variety of options

Manufacturers have been focusing on electrified power for some time, so you should start to see more options on sale. Models such as the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf are now in their second generation, and other new cars are continuing to join the market.

With a larger choice of electric hatchbacks, SUVs and saloons now on offer, it’s easier to find the car that’s right for you.

No car tax for many

You don’t currently need to pay car tax for electric vehicles. At the moment, the regulation only covers vehicles that produce emissions, so it’s worth saving money on car tax in case that changes.

Less range anxiety than before

As battery technology has improved, so have the ranges of electric cars. Early EVs – those produced in the early 2010s, for example – could barely do more than 100 miles. But now, many EVs can do over 200 miles on a single charge – and this will only get better as batteries improve in storage capacity and efficiency.

It might suit you better

Depending on what your regular journeys are, an EV might be a better option for you. If you do short trips every day or have a short commute, an EV could be more efficient than a fuel-powered car thanks to lower emissions and costs.

Even if you do longer trips with your car, an EV could still work for you, as long as you have places to charge it along your route and at either end. And if you have the budget, it’s worth knowing that some electric cars at the pricier end of the scale can have more than 300 miles of range.


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