Wanted: Dangerous Drivers

Bad drivers needed for TV! A TV Programme, ‘Dangerous Driving School’ is on the lookout for drivers with issues that seriously affect their performance behind the wheel.

Programme spokesperson Amy Hawes confirmed:

“We are specifically looking for people with real and serious driving phobias and issues that are really taking a toll on their lives. Particularly of interest are older drivers who are perhaps losing confidence – or conversely, are looking for a way to prove to their friends and families that they are still safe on the road.”

It is the second season for the Channel Five programme which enlists AA instructors to help 18 drivers overcome problems with driving. Problems might include a commitment to excessive speeding, a complete and utter meltdown at right hand turns, the inability to get on and off roundabouts, a phobia for motorway driving or perhaps you can’t bare the idea of having your kids in the car? Whatever your reason, Matchlight want to hear all about it.

Hawes concluded:

“The new series wants to find vibrant, outgoing people of any age, from anywhere in the UK, who would like to take part in this great documentary. If you or someone you know needs to kill speed, gain confidence or banish bad habits, then get in touch with the team at [email protected] or call 0141 342 2055.”


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