Average parent driver spends two and half days per year waiting for kids

A report by Sainsbury’s car insurance is claiming that the average parent driver currently spends the equivalent of two and half days a year sat in a car waiting for their children to complete sporting and social engagements.

Mum and Dad ‘taxi’ drivers waste, on average, an hour and a quarter of their lives every week on stand-by while their kids enjoy sport, music, drama and parties.

Incredibly, one in three parents spends five hours a week at the parental kerbside, the equivalent of ten days!

The reports goes on to say that, if parents charged like a taxi, children would face an average bill of £200 a week. London kids have it best. The capital bill would equal £9,975 every year. East Midlands is the cheapest place to drive kids around, the total bill coming in at a ‘reasonable’ £2,064. The notion of Dads’ taxi gets a well-earned airing: fathers spend on average of 83 minutes per week while mums wait for just 64 minutes.

The report is not all bad news, however. 30 per cent of parents claim the ride to and from events is one of few occasions they can spend
some quality time with their children away from TV, iPods and computer games. 17 per cent say it is some of the best quality time they spend with their children.


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