Men Only Car Parking Spaces!

The German city of Triberg, located in the Black Forest, has become the first in Europe to offer parking spaces segregated by sex!

The Mayor of Triberg, Gallus Strobel, has marked parking spaces more difficult to access as ‘Men Only’ – the spaces often feature a difficult-to-navigate concrete pillar or a wall on the passenger side. Brighter, wider and more simple parking spaces have been designated women-only.

Strobel commented :

“I have received mostly positive feedback. One man sent me an email to say he would travel to the town just to test himself at parking. Women, of course, are most welcome to try.”

Strobel’s move comes shortly after pictures emerged of an underground car park in Tianjin, China which has introduced ladies-only parking zone. The space features pink décor, neon signs and hazard bumpers.

Strobel also talked about the invaluable marketing the town has received. He added:

“It’s a way to put some humour in our society. And of course, a tourist village needs to be talked about. And now they talk about us around the world, which never happened. In town, people do not believe in any machismo and take the thing with humour.”


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