London Set for Olympics Parking Chaos

Car parking spaces in four London’s borough will be cut by 50% during the Olympic Games, creating havoc for thousands or capital drivers.

According to website, space is being commandeered for delegates in Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. As a result, public car parking will be cut from 36,000 to 16,500 berths. are claiming that commuters and residents will find large parts of London a no-go area during the Olympics. The capital’s workforce will find it nigh-on impossible to access spaces and roads as large swathes of London’s car network are reserved for officials and volunteers. Permits holders will be able to park, but only after applying for a council permit in advance.’s managing director, Norman Olaniran, said:

“Locog’s new parking proposals aren’t easy to access or understand online and for specifics, citizens and visitors are expected to check with individual council websites. It’s a total nightmare. I was surprised by how confusing it was – they could have made it so much easier to understand. The parking attendants will have to work double time.”

Visitors to homes in Residents’ Parking Zones will be able to park during normal hours but also need to go through the rigmarole of applying for a permit should they want to stay longer.

Additionally, is claiming that space at one of the biggest car parks in London is also being decimated.

981 car spaces and 313 motorcycle spaces at The Park Lane/Marble Arch Car are being reserved for Locog officials. NCP is also closing Great Eastern Street and reserving Locog space at Portman Square, Carrington Street, Park West and Lanark Road.

NCP has been heavily criticised for not communicating the news accurately and promptly – despite issuing pieces of paper to every person who park in one of their buildings!


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