Is there a war on Britain’s roads?

Is it time cyclists were banned from British roads and made to use the footpaths? Should it be illegal to ride a bicycle on British roads without a helmet?

Are cyclists just that bit too sanctimonious for their own good? Or is it about time drivers treated cyclists with the respect they deserve? Cyclists are a vehicle on the road just like any other, aren’t they? And do the police respect cyclists?

The War on Britain’s Roads will be screened tonight on BBC1 and it looks set to further widen the divide between cyclists and drivers. Using footage gleaned from cyclist’s mounted cameras in and around London, the documentary highlights the growing resentment both parties have for one another.


There are over 30 million cars on the British road network and over 10 million bikes – that’s a lot of traffic, and there’s little wonder 90% of cyclists report experiencing driver-initiated road rage. The BBC programme talks to militant cyclist, thrill-seeking 24-year old Gareth; 77-year old taxi driver Alf who lost his grandson while he was cycling in London; Cynthia who lost her daughter.

Labour MP for Dudley North, Ian Austin is joint chairman of the Parliamentary Cycling Group. He has condemned the programme as: “stupid, sensationalist, simplistic, irresponsible nonsense”.

Launching the programme, a BBC suit press released:

“War On Britain’s Roads is a serious examination of the relationship between cyclists and other road users. It uses actual footage of real incidents to provoke discussion and investigates the outcomes and consequences of several of the incidents captured. Raising awareness of these issues, on a primetime BBC One programme, can only be a positive thing for both cyclists and other road users.”

The War on Britain’s Roads is screened on BBC One tonight at 9pm and available on BBC iPlayer afterwards. Why not watch it and let us know what you think?



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