Funeral Directors UK’s Naughtiest Drivers

Funeral Directors are amongst the UK’s naughtiest drivers, a new survey has revealed. While dentists, legal clerks, students and cloakroom attendants follow the rules of the road better than most. Funeral Directors are joined by dancing teachers, haulage contractors, landscapers as collecting the most motoring convictions. Car insurance comparison website found that the average dentist drove more than 120,000 miles without committing a driving offence. Dance teachers covered just 23,500 miles on average before breaking the law. Of the 313 occupations listed, surprisingly, policemen and women ranked relatively high -196th in the survey, managing 58,190 miles between offences.

Andrew Goulborn of commented:

“The study has revealed a number of surprises. No one here would have guessed that dancing teachers, midwives and funeral directors would be vying for the title of Britain’s least law-abiding motorists. And at the other end of the scale, congratulations to the UK’s kennel workers, launderers and dental technicians, whose driving appears to stay well within the law.”


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