De-Clutter Boot = Save Money!

Nearly a quarter of British drivers are wasting precious fuel by driving around the boots packed with boxes of clutter. A staggering 22 per cent of drivers use their car boot as permanent storage. One in ten confess to have NEVER cleared out their luggage space! The extra weight affects fuel efficiency according to research carried out by Shell.

Guess which items most people carry around with them?

The Top Five

  1. Tools (43% admit to carrying them around in our car)
  2. Wellington Boots/Outdoor Clothing (27%)
  3. Gym bag/sports equipment and golf clubs (11%)
  4. Pushchair /baby equipment (9%)
  5. Shoes (9%)

Almost all respondents said they would change their ways if it meant saving fuel and money. The survey was carried out by Shell who are launching a campaign to help a million motorists across the world learn how to save fuel – which is a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, isn’t it? Shell are calling the initiative Target One Million.

Quentin Willson, Shell’s FuelSave ambassador, said:

“It’s amazing that so many of us are carrying around unnecessary items in our boots, meaning we’re wasting fuel and money every time we drive. The Target One Million mini-games are a fun and quick way for British drivers to learn how to drive more efficiently and reduce their fuel costs. Saving fuel can be really easy once you know how.”


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