British Parking Costs £8bn Every Year!

£8bn a year spent on parking in the UK

British motorists spent a truly incredible £8 billion last year on simply parking their car. The news follows an announcement that parking charges have risen 12.5 per cent in the last twelve months.

According to a survey by, over three quarters of British drivers spend around £150 on parking each and every month.

Drivers is plush Knightsbridge are the hardest hit. Drivers in West London are charged an incredible £12 per an hour to park. Indeed, the survey notes that, unsurprisingly, the most expensive car parks in the country are in and around central London with parking ranging from £8-£12 per hour.

The cost of parking is becoming an increasing problem amongst High Street shops. In’s analysis, almost two out of every three respondents said parking their cars prohibited a journey into a town centre. There’s also an eco-issue – 60 per cent of drivers said they spend up to 20 minutes searching for a cost-effective space. 20 per cent bemoaned capacity in parking in general, suggesting there just isn’t enough.

Elsewhere in the survey, one in three respondents didn’t feel safe in car parks, over half of those questioned had been involved in a heated argument and one in ten in physical violence. launched the result on the back of a new Car Park Locator App which helps shoppers find the nearest and cheapest car parks.


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