Vehicle Inspections: 5 reasons they’re beneficial for dealers

Vehicle Inspections

Before making any expensive purchase, the consumer always wants to be sure that they are getting the best value for money and a reliable product. For many people, after taking out a mortgage, buying a car will be the largest purchase they make, so they need to be sure that what they’re getting is a reliable car.

AA Vehicle Inspections can offer you increased confidence in your stock. Our dealers who choose to take advantage of this service are provided with a wealth of AA-branded point of sale material, including flags, head boards and vehicle window stickers. Close association with one of the UK’s leading brands can not only increase your confidence, but also that of your consumers.

Carrying out these inspections on your vehicles will give your customers peace of mind that the car is everything they expect it to be. Here are five ways that AA Vehicle Inspections can significantly help your business.

  1. The Consumer Rights Act

In October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act was updated to make it a lot easier for customers to legally obtain a refund within 30 days when purchasing a faulty product – including cars. This makes it even more important for you as a car dealer to ensure that all your used vehicles have been thoroughly inspected, are in good working order and are suitable to be sold.

Buyers have a lot more power due to the updated Consumer Rights Act, so if they discover a fault within the first month of buying a second-hand car, they can return it in exchange for a full refund. Vehicle Inspections could help you minimise the risk of negative effects on your finances and reputation by quickly identifying any problematic vehicles before you put them on sale.

  1. Creates trust between dealers and buyers

Offering Vehicle Inspections is a quick way to build that all-important trust between dealer and customer. Selling certified AA-inspected vehicles shows that you are willing to use a respected, independent third party to confirm that all your cars are reliable and roadworthy.

Buyers will find that purchasing an AA-inspected used vehicle through your dealership ensures quality and peace of mind. Providing your customers with a high-quality, hassle-free buying experience increases the chance of them recommending you to family and friends.

  1. Cost-effective option

Vehicle Inspections can be a cost-effective option for your dealership. Finding any faults prior to sale will be more financially viable than going back and forth with refunds and repairs. Having the comprehensive checks carried out by a third party will allow you to focus on the other areas of preparation, such as valeting and marketing the vehicle.

It will also ensure that you are confident in your suppliers and can quickly identify any that are providing sub-standard vehicles. Watch the testimonial on this page to see how AA Vehicle Inspections have helped a dealership in Berkshire:

  1. Increases returning customers

For any company to be a success, it needs a good mix of new and returning business. For an independent dealer, reputation is key and, as customers have increasing access to online review sites, Vehicle Inspections can help to protect you from the risk of negative reviews. By satisfying more customers with quality used vehicles first time, they should return to your dealership when in the market for future vehicles.

  1. Saves everyone time

Vehicle Inspections can help to identify any existing faults with a car at the pre-sale stage. By rectifying any issues before making the car available to buyers, you can reduce the time between taking delivery of the vehicle and it going up for sale.

By incorporating Vehicle Inspections into your business, you can make use of the advantages they provide, as well as benefiting from increased confidence during the sales process and having the time to concentrate on building a successful and sustainable relationship with your customers.

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