Car buying customer journey

Buying a new or used car is not often a decision that consumers rush into. Aside from taking out a mortgage to purchase a home, it can commonly be one of the most expensive costs drivers will encounter. Even when they are in urgent need of a new vehicle, a lot of thought will go into the car buying process.

For used car dealers it’s important that the car buying customer journey is fully understood in order to help achieve the best results when selling cars. That’s why here at AA Cars we’ve created this handy infographic which provides a guide to the journey car buyers take when searching for their next vehicle.

It outlines the six main stages that customers take when finding and securing their ideal motor. We’ve also included some useful facts, information and tips to help used car dealers make the most of this journey for their business. The majority of people will head online first when looking for used cars to buy, which is one reason why having a strong online presence for your dealership is essential.

Take a look at this helpful infographic covering the car buying customer journey below and make note of its useful points to ensure you’re providing what your new and returning customers are looking for.

AA Cars Infographic Final


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