British drivers missing out on value of number plates

A third of British drivers cannot identify the age of a car from its number plate, new research has found.

Readers of Honest John took part in a British Car Auctions (BCA) survey and were asked to identify the youngest car from four by looking at the number plate.

A total of 32 per cent were wrong, 27 per cent thought the old style plate was the youngest and nearly a quarter were not aware that registration reflects the age of the car.

Tim Naylor, PR Manager at BCA, said that many motorists had not “got to grips” with the new system of car registration since its introduction in 2001.

He said that age was an important factor in assessing the value of the vehicle and therefore it was crucial that sellers and buyers were able to identify this information.

“It seems the current system is far less understood than previous versions, where there was one change a year identified by a letter,” he explained.

British number plates are known for having black letters on a white background on the front of the car and black letters on a yellow background on the rear.


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