Should the dealer fix stone chips and alloy wheel corrosion after I’ve bought a used car?

Dear Edmund. I have just purchased three weeks ago a Volvo XC70 from Arnold Clark of Inverness.The price was £27.000...... At the start there has been some issues with stone chips on the front of the car.One of which is so bad it stands out because the colour is caspian blue. The other faults are on all four alloy wheels like deep cut marks and corrosion already visible on the wheels. I am asking for your advice as the sales manager at this branch tells me that he cant do much about anything because it will cost them money..... For me this this is a very expensive car,and I dont think I am being treated fairly at all.It is a 2014 reg, 16000 miles on the clock.

Asked by john hutchinson

The dealer is responsible for fixing faults that come to light after purchase that are assumed to have been present at the time of the sale but you can’t expect the dealer to rectify later, issues that were apparent at the time of the sale.

With cosmetic issues like this you either agree a price on the understanding that the dealer will attend to them before you take possession of the vehicle or the price is adjusted to reflect the vehicle’s condition.

If you didn’t have an agreement that the dealer would fix the paintwork when you bought the car then I am afraid the dealer is not obliged to repair it.


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