I currently drive a Manual Qashqai 1.5 visia, I need to switch to an automatic what is a good alternative.

Hi .I currently drive a Manual diesel Qashqai 1.5 visia I love but find quite thirsty.For health reasons I need to switch to an automatic -what is a good similar sized diesel automatic thats reasonable on mpg.Cheers

Asked by Rachel

Good alternatives to the Qashqai include the Hyundai ix35, Skoda Yeti, Volkswagen Tiguan and Toyota RAV4

If fuel economy is the most important criteria then it’s important not to place too much emphasis on the official fuel consumption figures quoted by vehicle manufacturers – given the conditions of the test and the way different people’s driving style varies these are not a reliable indicator of what you can expect to achieve in practice.

You can find various websites to check reported real world fuel consumption for your current car for comparison and for any possible future purchase.


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