Can i buy a car in the U.K. and use Czech plates to drive it back to Prague?

Hi Edmund, Currently I am living in Prague and I wish to buy a car in the U.K. Can i use Czech trade plates or Czech personal plates on the vehicle to drive it back to Prague. Kind Regards

Asked by allan jones

UK trade plates are only recognised within the UK and are not legal overseas. Czech trade plates may operate in the same way? This is a question that you need to ask the Czech authorities responsible for issuing trade plates.

Trade plates aside, if you are to drive the UK registered vehicle on roads in the UK once title has passed to you, you must ensure that it meets all of the legal requirements of the UK i.e. UK tax, insurance and UK mot, until the vehicle is re-registered.

It may be easier to collect the vehicle on a trailer as you are permitted to drive a vehicle taxed, insured and mot’d in Czech as a temporary visitor to the UK.


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