What are my rights if the timing chain fails 3 weeks after buying an 8 year old car?

hi, ive just brought a 2007 car 3 weeks ago off a dealer & i drove 156 miles & the timing chain has just snapped, what are my rights with reguards to the cost of this repair, hope you can help me with this thanks david

Asked by david

It is unusual for a timing chain to snap – they usually stretch/wear over time and become noisy. Timing belts on the other hand can snap if excessively worn as a result of not being renewed at the recommended time/mileage interval. In either case the condition should have been apparent to the dealer either through inspection or by checking the vehicle’s service history.

Failures within the first six months are generally assumed in law to be the result of a fault present at the time of the sale and are the responsibility of the dealer – unless he can prove the fault did not exist at the time of the sale.

Contact the dealer advising him that you believe that he is responsible (under the terms of the sale of goods act) for the cost of repair.  Don’t be surprised if the dealer insists you return the car to him for repair though.


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