Is a print out of service history from a main dealer as good as the original service book?

Hi I purchased a 2011 ford smax EO11URN from a ford main dealer in Birmingham back in Feb 2014. (it was advertised on v cars). I picked up the car and was promised the service book would be forwarded as the dealer had not got it. It is now 3 months on and I have not received it and the best I am being promised is a print out of the cars service history. Is this an acceptable practice as I fear it will make selling the car in the future more difficult. Also how do I and future owners know these details in the print out are true/verified. Many thanks in anticipation of your reply Steve

Asked by Steven Kitteridge

The main dealer will only have access to records relating to main dealer servicing/repair but a print out of the service record from a main dealer on headed paper will be OK if the original book is not available.

Alternatively they should be able to provide a duplicate service book and, if they did the servicing, they could stamp the book too.


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