What are my rights if there was an error in the advertised specification of a car?

I have put a deposit down on a car that was advertised has having a 'remote central locking system', I'm now being told that it doesn't have this and that it would cost the garage too much (around £1000) to install this, despite what was stated in initial the advert. I'm now being told that I should either accept this or take my deposit back. Surely they should install the remote central locking, given the advertisement or, at least, offer a reduction in price? What are my rights? Thanks.

Asked by Sarah

Mistakes can happen and I don’t think the dealer is obliged to do anything beyond offering to return your deposit in full.

If you think the dealer deliberately tried to mislead you by giving false information about the vehicle’s specification then you should raise the matter with Trading Standards – though this is something that could easily have been checked at the time of a test drive.


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