How do you date an old AA badge?

I have an old AA badge, the number on it is 043996. Are you able to narrow this one down to a particular year and/or vehicle?

Asked by clive dumbleton

The number on the badge wasn’t the membership number and unfortunately can’t be tied back to a particular vehicle.

It looks like yours is from somewhere between 1906 and 1930:

  • 1 to 999999 1906–30
  • A-P suffixes 1930–45
  • RST suffixes 1946–56 (flat motorcycle badges)
  • WXYZA suffixes 1956–67 (domed motorcycle badges)
  • OA to OZ prefixes 1945–57
  • 1A-9A prefix 1957–59
  • 1B-9B prefix 1960–61
  • 1C-9C prefix     1962–63
  • 1D-9D prefix 1964–65
  • 1E-9E prefix 1966–67

You can read more about the history of AA badges here.



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