My son was hit by another driver whilst a learner in my car, do you know if this will affect his first insurance costs. It wasn’t his fault and the other driver admitted liability.

Asked by Angela Slate

While this was not his fault and assuming the insurance settled on that basis, the collision will have been recorded by your insurer.

When he takes out his first cover he will be asked if he has been involved in any incident that may or may not have been his fault. Most insurers take non-fault accidents into account if there is a record of two or three such events however, this one-off isn’t likely to affect his first premium.

His first insurance premium will be high regardless of this incident: because he will not have built up any no-claim bonus and will be relatively inexperienced.

You will need to shop around – and perhaps consider ‘pay how you drive’ insurance cover (also known as ‘black box’ or ‘telematic’ insurance) which monitors driver behaviour and provides opportunities to reduce the premiums paid by driving responsibly and within speed limits.


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