My car was delivered from a dealer 200 miles away, what do I do about the faults I’ve found?

I bought a car via the Internet from a firm in Leeds. When it arrived several faults were evident but although the garage acknowledge they need to be fixed they won’t pay my local garage to do the work. They are insisting that I should take the car back to them. That would mean a 500 mile round trip from my home. Can I get the car repaired locally and send them the bill?

Although some great savings can be made by buying a car through the Internet, the problems associated with trying to resolve issues like this makes me wonder just how marvellous those savings really are.

Cars are a major purchase, they are increasingly complex and being able to take it back to the garage is an important consideration. In this case the problem is that the garage which supplied the car could repair it themselves at a fraction of the cost of paying your local garage for the same work. They can obtain parts and materials at cost and absorb many of the labour charges by fitting in the work between other jobs. Find out whether the garage is part of a chain or group so you could perhaps go to one of their other branches. You can take the car to your local garage and have the work done, but you will have to pay the garage and then try to recover the costs from the suppliers of the car. This may involve court action if they don’t co-operate. Otherwise, try to negotiate a reasonable sum from the suppliers so you can still get the work done locally.


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