A garage told me the car has a full service history and had MOT even though the car is not 3 years old yet, do you think it sounds ok?

Hi Edmund, I am a member of the AA in Ireland and am looking to buy a 2011 car in the UK with 72,000 that I have seen on your website, I rang the garage who told me that the car has a full service history and had MOT(even though it's not 3 years old yet) - do you think it sounds ok ? I feel more reassured to be buying a car that's being advertised on your website as it's obviously v difficult to make a decision when I am so far away - any other advise!!

Asked by Maria burke

The first MOT must be done by the third anniversary of the date of first registration but can be done early and this seems a reasonable thing to do if selling a car approaching its third ‘birthday’.

The MOT is only a snapshot of the vehicle’s road-worthiness on the day of the test but shouldn’t be relied upon alone – particularly if you are considering buying a car sight unseen. At the very least I’d recommend you arrange for a professional, independent inspection of the vehicle before you buy. Don’t forget to read through the free history check included with all used cars on AA Cars too.


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