When did the fixed penalty for speeding go up to £100?

When and why was the speeding fine increased from £60 to £100 as many motorists I have spoken to were not aware. Did the AA appeal against this unfair decision of nearly twice the amount.

Asked by Tony Wynne

From August 2013 the police got new powers to issue fixed penalty notices for careless driving offences, previously only dealt with in court. This gave them greater flexibility to deal with less serious offences like tailgating and middle lane hogging both of which we know are pet hates for most drivers.

At the same time fixed penalty fines for endorsable and non-endorsable offences were increased: £30 to £50, £60 to £100, £120 to £200 and £200 to £300. (More detailed information on the AA website here)

This was the first increase in penalties in more than a decade so there was some justification for doing so though we did argue in response to the Department for Transport’s consultation that increases should be more limited and phased in rather than applied all at once.


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