What is FAP fluid and what does it do?

I have just had a service done and there was an advisory on the paperwork that said I should have a F.A.T Refill at 75000 miles. What is this? the car is. Ford focus econetic 6 years old with 60000 miles on the clock

Asked by Janice Doidge

I assume that the garage is referring to the Eolys Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) additive used to lower the ignition temperature of soot particles to aid regeneration of the filter that traps them.

A litre of additive should last around 25,000 miles so the additive tank may well only require re-filling once in a vehicle’s lifetime – though this could cost around £200 for the fluid and labour.

Don’t be tempted to ignore a warning light showing that the additive tanks need refilling. It’s essential that the tank is refilled as without it regeneration is unlikely to be successful and a new DPF, costing much more than the fluid, may be needed.



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