Do the AA provide a vehicle inspections service, where you go to a dealer and check the car?

I have seen an 2000 plate Nissan Patrol on eBay. I already have one but it failed MOT as its chassis is rotten. Mine is a 2003. The 2000 one for sale has only done 63k miles. Wondering if AA provide a service where your lads go to a dealer, have a look and make a report. I live up in the Lake district, just this side of Scottish border, the Patrol is in London. A long way for me to drive and take a look!

Asked by Louise

You need our vehicle inspections service –call them on 0800 056 8040

Do bear in mind that if anything goes wrong with the car in the first months after purchase it’s likely you will have to return it to the selling dealer for repairs if you hold them liable.

Our ‘Move a car’ service might be of interest too if you do decide to buy but don’t fancy the round trip to London.


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