Has the DAB been disabled on my 500X?

Hello Edmund, My daughter recently purchased a Fiat 500X cross plus which turns out was an ex fleet hire vehicle. Before purchasing we had looked at the spec for this car on the Fiat website and were very happy with it. We only found out that it did not have a DAB radio reception only AM/FM and that the Uconnect system was disabled and not working over the weekend after getting it home and playing with it. I have since found out by checking online and also directly with Fiat customer services that this system was disabled by request of the rental company and that it can not now be re-enabled. There are literally hundreds of these vehicles now going out to the public on sale that will never work as advertised is there anyway of getting Fiat to come up with a fix for this problem (also affects Jeep Renegade) as Fiats response was basically "tough live with it" PS: Local dealer has been brilliant but are angry at Fiats lack of care. Many thanks, Kenneth Jennings

Asked by Kenneth Jennings

DAB isn’t available on all model variants of the 500X – the base model doesn’t have it.

Given the chassis number, any Fiat dealer should be able to confirm the actual build spec for the vehicle.

This highlights the importance of checking the spec of the actual vehicle you’re buying, particularly if a feature is important to you, rather than relying on published specifications as these do change from time to time.


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