Hi Edmund, I am looking at a Porsche Cayenne S that has LPG conversion. Is there anything I should be alarmed about here?

Hi Edmund I am seriously looking at a Cayenne S that has LPG conversion. It is currently in a garage having its tappets replaced. Is there anything I should be alarmed about here ? It has 94k on the clock. Very well looked after model. Thanking you Ben

Asked by Ben Jones

You’re more likely to see the savings from running on lpg than the owner who paid for the conversion as they will have had to recoup their costs first. Do check availability of LPG in your area though as it’s not sold everywhere.

Besides all the usual advice about checking service history carefully the most important thing here is the quality of the conversion. You need to check that it was carried out by an LPGA approved installer. If it wasn’t then either walk away or get it checked over by an approved installer – preferably one specialising in this type of vehicle.

Some engines are more susceptible to valve/valve seat wear when running on LPG than others. It would be wise to check other owners’ experiences via forum sites or even contacting Porsche for advice.


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