Is it the garage’s responsibility if faults develop three months after servicing?

Hi Edmund I own 2004 Reg ford Mondeo automatic transmission I had it serviced three months back and now I have problems accelerating the car loses power and the Revs go up it is intermittent and happens while driving so I have to stop and restart and then it works fine not sure what the problem is or who is liable for repairs . Rahul

Asked by Rahul Walawalkar

This is more likely to be a coincidence rather than a new fault caused by something done during routine servicing.

You should take the car back to the servicing dealer to see if the system has logged any fault codes – it sounds like an engine management type fault if turning it off and on again resets it.

Bear in mind that a diagnostic check would be chargeable unless the fault did turn out to be caused by something the garage had done during the servicing.


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