I think the car I bought (with no history) has been clocked?

I purchased a car from the Carshop in Swindon and found out that the car has been clocked and no Garage in Swindon will amend or fix the car. It will cost me over £3,000 to have the car fix if I can find out the correct mileage. No one in the UK can give me any information because they have no history on the vehicle. I have spend £36,000 with this company and no one wants to help me at all. Even Trading Standards do not want to get involved. I cannot let this go because they are putting motorists at risk. Any advise would be most appreciated. Many thanks Dawn

Asked by Dawn Franklin

It’s not entirely clear how you know the vehicle has been clocked if there’s no history?

Dealers must take all reasonable steps to establish a vehicle’s mileage and tell the customer what steps they’ve taken and what they’ve found. Trading Standards should be interested if there is the possibility of an offence under consumer protection law but perhaps they’re satisfied that there was not?

It doesn’t matter if you’re spending £1000 or £100,000, we would generally not recommend buying any used car without a comprehensive service history record.  Not only does this give you a clear idea about how well the vehicle has been maintained, and faults that have been dealt with but, crucially, will contain mileage records on documents such as service invoices and MOTs.


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