Are you able to advise me on a good city car?

My Ford Focus 05 which needs a new clutch so i have decided to get a new second hand car circa 3 years old. I am looking for a small family car (super mini), more fuel efficient (the Focus was terrible) and more reliable (things dropped off the focus quite a lot!). I live in the city and do not use the car much. Have been recommended a Vauxhall Corsa, a VW Polo/Golf or a Ford Fiesta. Are you able to advise on those as options or if i should explore others? If so, much appreciated.

Asked by sarah thurman

That looks a pretty strong shortlist – the Fiesta’s been the best selling car in the UK for a long time now.

Depending on budget it might be worth looking at the Volkswagen Up which won What Car? City car of the year this year (2013), or its sibling the Skoda Citigo too.

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