Should i have a full size spare tyre and are any tyres acceptable for winter weather?

I recently bought a Vauxhall Corsa from a Vauxhall registered garage, felt that i was asking the earth just to request they provided a full size spare and also asked them to replace a damaged tyre, this was a 2012 model still under warranty, every question i asked they were slow to answer, probably because i knocked the overall price for the car down as well in the end, this car has 17 inch wheels they are wide so could this mean problems with the winter snow as others have said i may have. i need to know this as i live on a hillside, are there any better comfort and safer grip tyres. currently mine are Dunlop ones can you confirm that they are ok, i wish family wouldn't worry me now that i bought this Vauxhall Corsa 1,4 5 door, none of them would come with me when i looked at it. being female and not sure i used a registered Vauxhall garage lol. thank you so much for what i know will be a sensible answer to all this deby s

Asked by deborah summers

There’s no legal requirement for a car to have a full size spare so if this car was originally supplied with a temporary use spare or tyre repair kit then providing one in this case would have represented a cost to the dealer.

Large wheels with low profile tyres will always give a harsher ride than smaller diameter wheels with more rubber on them. Whatever the size of wheel/tyre fitted, if you live in an area affected by winter snow and have to use the car whatever the weather then I’d recommend getting a set of winter tyres which will offer improved grip and handling when temperatures are low. There’s a lot of information about winter tyres on the main AA website.


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