Why buying a car is kind of like dating

Buying a new car and goingWhy buying a car is kind of like dating on a date should both be giddily exciting experiences. In both cases you’re looking for something that’s going to be fun, interesting, enjoyable and could result in a relationship that’s going to change your life for the better.

Look a little deeper and you’ll see that there’s a whole host of other ways that buying a car is like dating someone new.

1. Looks aren’t everything – it’s what’s underneath that counts

Sure, shiny paintwork and pleasing symmetry can certainly catch your eye, but what’s under a car’s bonnet will tell you a lot more about how it will treat you in the long term. Make sure you thoroughly check the car’s history before you buy – a free history check on AA Cars is a must – and get a full Vehicle Inspection too. Better to be safe than sorry!

2. If you don’t like what you hear, get the hell out of there!

During a test drive, grumbling, spluttering and odd noises of an unsettling nature are a sure sign that the two of you aren’t going to gel. Like on a first date, what you hear is as important as what you see, as you can tell an awful lot about a car by the sounds it makes. If it doesn’t sound good now, imagine how bad it’s going to be in six months’ time.

3. Every used car has a history

Take a bit of time to get to know a car and it will share the secrets of its history with you. Was it treated badly by past drivers? Was it well taken care of? Does it have a legacy of quirks or difficulties as a consequence of previous relationships? All the cars on AA Cars come with a free, detailed history check so you can find out all about your car’s past.

Unlike buying a used car, however, people have no service history and can be a bit more guarded about their past relationships. Still, as social media becomes more and more pervasive, people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are more closely resembling a detailed logbook of their lives. It’s much more honest and polite to courteously ask about past relationships where appropriate – don’t just snoop through their Facebook history!

4. Nostalgia for your old car can make getting a new one difficult

Your old car was a thing of rare beauty: it never let you down, you lavished care and attention on it and in return you were rewarded with great memories and happy journeys. No new car could ever compare to that…could it?

It’s very easy to look back at old cars with rose-tinted glasses on. With the passage of time, their faults become lovable quirks, their breakdowns become your fault, not the cars’, as you failed to take good enough care of them. Nostalgia is a very powerful force that can turn a problematic Punto into a supercar capable of doing no wrong! In these situations, you should always remember that you broke up with your old car for a reason – it was time to move on.

5. It’s easy to get mesmerised by a flashy new car

So often when you’re looking for something new, you go with what you want, not what you need. Smart, sexy, visually appealing cars scream ‘pick me!’ and, while it might be great to look at, it might not necessarily be right for the long haul.

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful car, of course, it’s just best to not get swept away by that aspect, and instead pay attention to its other qualities…or lack thereof!

6. A new car can surprise you in lots of ways

First appearances can often be deceptive. You can fall in love with a new car in a matter of moments, only to discover that ultimately it’s a disappointment just a few months later. Similarly, you can unexpectedly grow to love a car over the course of several long, memorable journeys as you appreciate features and characteristics that can only be discovered with time.


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