What is the World’s Coolest Car Brand?


Coolest Car Brand - Aston Martin

It’s official, Aston Martin is the coolest car brand around. Who says? Only the 2012 CoolBrands list. Now its 11th year and co-ordinated by The Centre for Brand Analysis, the CoolBrands list is voted for by 3,000 British consumers and a panel of key influencers, including rapper Plan B.

From the initial 10,000 brands, 1,200 were ranked for innovation, originality, style, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness and while Apple came out top and YouTube second Aston Martin, in third, flew the flag for the automobile industry. Mercedes-Benz, in the midst of launching a range of new cars, including the new A-Class and the upcoming CLS Shooting Brake, was named #16 in the list.

Rob Halloway, Communications Director at Mercedes-Benz commented on the results:

“I think by its very nature, coolness is in the perception of others. I think that cool things have a certain style, elegance and swagger about them. Cool people possess all these qualities, and cool brands blend a timeless quality with absolute topicality. It sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what makes cool “cool”.  Like style over fashion, cool endures where trendiness tends to be transient.”


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