V8 Vantage ‘performs impeccably’

Two British drivers who decided to travel from Tokyo to London in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage have said that the car has performed “impeccably” so far.

The Driving Home Road Safety Trip 2007 aims to raise awareness of safety behind the wheel for younger children in developing countries.

Spanning 10,000 miles, the journey has already encompassed Japan, China and South Korea – with the Vantage V8 having “not missed a beat” throughout each stage.

“We have so far driven more than 4,000 miles in not much over three weeks,” said Richard Meredith, who with his co-driver Phil Colley is making the trip in the near-standard vehicle.

He added that there had been no major problems so far “except for a bit of ‘throat-clearing’ – due to petrol of dubious quality”.

The next two weeks are expected to present dangers such as difficult road conditions and bad weather, but the team is certain the car will cruise through the next leg of the journey.

“We have planned everything as far as possible, but it is obviously impossible to plan for the unknown,” Mr Meredith continued.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson recently reviewed a new convertible version of the V8 and said his initial reaction to the vehicle was astonishment because of its “sheer beauty”.


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