The World’s Fastest Police Cars


When we think of police here in the UK, we normally think of policemen and their middle of the range Vauxhall Astras. Due to this, many criminals, particularly ones in high performance vehicles, think they can outrun the police and escape to victory.

Of course, we know this isn’t true, and CCTV always helps catch criminals in the end. But, what if the police didn’t drive Astras, and what if they drove high performance vehicles? Here are some examples where the police do just that. Here are the world’s fastest police cars:

Ariel Atom


Recently, Avon and Somerset police took delivery of what is believed to be the world’s fastest police car: The Ariel Atom.

To comply with police regulations, the car has been specially painted in police livery, and it even has a blue flashing light. As you’d expect, to ensure that it doesn’t impact on performance, it’s a special aerodynamic version.

Despite some countries having Lamborghinis (more on that later), the Atom is believed to be the fastest police car in the world, going from 0-60mph in a mere 2.5 seconds! Avon and Somerset Police Force, who have loaned the £38,000 Atom, have said that they are using it to deter speeding motorists and encourage motorcyclists to slow down.

Lamborghini Huracan


Over in Italy, the Italian police have donated one of their latest supercars, the Huracan, to the Italian State Police. Amazingly, this is intended to be a direct replacement for the Gallardo Polizia that Lamborghini had already donated to the Italian Police.

Lamborghini Gallardo


As was mentioned above, the Huracan isn’t the only Lamborghini police car that has been in service in Italy, and before that they used two specially donated Gallardos. Lamborghini donated two Gallardo LP560-4 Polizias to Italian traffic police. However, sadly, one of those was written off in 2009.

We wouldn’t want to be the unfortunate officer who managed to crash the 202mph supercar!

Jaguar XF


Back in 2009, Jaguar produced a one off version of the XF saloon. This model, gifted to the police for evaluation purposes, was no ordinary XF however and instead of the usual mechanics under the bonnet, it boasted a 3 litre twin-turbocharged engine that produced 271 bhp. Needless to say it was a hit among those that used it.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI


Famous for their rallying ability, Subarus are usually a big hit with young drivers who feel the need for speed. However, due to this quality, they are also popular with police forces across the globe.

With high performance engines and four-wheel-drive stability, the Subarus are a versatile vehicle. In 2008, the Illinois Police Department was loaned a WRX STI for promotional events. With those roaming the streets, criminals need to be very careful.

Daimler SP250


Ok, by 21st century standards the Diamler SP250 is by no means the fastest police car on the planet. However back in 1962 it was incredibly fast, with a top speed of 130mph. back then, Scotland Yard acquired three of the SP250s in order to deter the people of London from speeding.

Caparo T1


Last but by no means least, we have the Caparo T1. Unfortunately, this 220mph behemoth was just a publicity stunt from the Metropolitan Police, but we would have loved to see it flying up and down the streets rather than just parked on a plinth at the MPH Motor Show.

So, those are the fastest police cars in the world. We know that we wouldn’t want to see any of them in our taillights!


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