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If you want a car that’s stylish, well-equipped and fitted with the finest materials around, you’re looking at a high price normally – especially for new cars.

But on the used market, top quality cars can sometimes be found at a fraction of their original price. If you’re looking to snap up a great deal, here are some of the best used luxury cars you can buy.

Bentley Continental GT

Popular with footballers in the early 2000s, the original Continental GT is a luxury hit. With the second generation taking over in 2018, used versions of the previous model can be bought for a more affordable price. 

With its sleek shape, spacious interior and balanced ride, the Continental also comes very well equipped. Cheaper examples will have plenty of miles on the clock, but there aren’t many other cars that can age gracefully and still look this good.

Used Bentley Continental GT from £17,995

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

The Rolls-Royce name is synonymous with luxury. Although newer examples won’t be cheap, older models carry the same ethos of supreme comfort. One option is the Silver Spirit, which was built between 1980 and 1999 – using plush materials alongside self-levelling suspension.

It may not have modern styling and equipment, but there’s something special about a Rolls-Royce, isn’t there? 

Used Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit from £15,850

Lexus LS 600h

If you’re after a comfortable luxury model that’s also less common on the road, why not try a Lexus? More specifically, the LS, which was the range-topping saloon. The 600h version came with a V8 petrol-hybrid setup for a great combination of power and smoothness.

The LS also arrived with a high level of technology and equipment. And with the brand’s excellent reliability record, don’t expect it to break the bank in maintenance costs.

Used Lexus LS 600h from £18,495

Mercedes-Benz CL 63 AMG

If you want high performance and luxury the Mercedes CL 63 AMG might be one such model. Fitted with a 5.5-litre twin-turbocharged V8, it can get from 0-60mph in under 5 seconds.

But it also comes with all the equipment a car from the late 2000s should have, as well as plenty of comfort and style.

Used Mercedes CL 63 AMG from £15,395

Volkswagen Phaeton

You might not associate the Volkswagen name with luxury. But the Phaeton, introduced in the 2000s as their premium class vehicle, came with a range of smooth engines fitted to this spacious and comfortable saloon.

It didn’t sell in large amounts as there wasn’t much demand for it when new, so expect used model prices to be low. And although it isn’t a typical Volkswagen model, it keeps the same levels of quality.

Used Volkswagen Phaeton from £3,990

Audi A8

As the flagship for the German firm, the A8 offers the comfort of other Audi models as well as plenty of kit. Not only that, but with powerful diesel and petrol powertrains on-board, you can make smooth progress.

With lots of interior space for passengers and a suspension setup that soaks up most bumps in the road, the A8 is a great limo – with used options being rather affordable too.

Used Audi A8 from £3,484


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