Six of the worst DIY car repair jobs

There are few things more annoying than the prospect of an expensive car repair job, so it’s often tempting to take matters into your own hands. Armed with the right information and tools, some DIY car repair jobs can be a success but, in general, it’s best to leave things to the experts.

If you’re ever tempted to enter ‘how to fix your car’ into Google and get stuck in yourself, you might want to check out these epic car repair fails first…

The high-energy exhaust solution

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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It looks like this DIY car repair enthusiast would rather spend their money on caffeine-filled soft drinks than getting the hole in their exhaust professionally fixed.

Maybe they’ve bought into the hype that this particular brand of beverage will ‘give you wings’ and they’re not only hoping that their car will work, but that it will energetically take flight?


The barking mad bumper

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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A prang to the bumper can be a massive pain and result in a huge price tag. So, how do you ensure that your car never comes off worse? Strap a hulking great tree trunk to the back of your car of course! All you need is access to a forest, a saw and a couple of lengths of chain and Bob’s your uncle.


Torch + tape = headlamp

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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Headlamps – so pricey to replace, so essential for driving at night… unless you’re a car DIY-er with an eye for invention. OK, so on the downside, you have to get out of your car at nightfall to turn on your lights. On the upside, however, this light is portable, meaning you’re free to shine your light wherever you like, even once the car journey has ended. Two lighting solutions for the (small) price of one.


The all-weather sunroof cover

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, it’s hard to not love a sunroof…until the sky turns grey and you can’t get the blasted thing closed. But did this clever driver fret heading to the nearest car body shop, hair drenched by the invading rain? Of course not. Where there’s a will and a pink umbrella, there’s a way.



The wheelie good idea

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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Most drivers have experienced tyre or wheel problems at the side of the road. Yet while many of us would stand idly by, waiting for the AA to come to our rescue, this pick up truck owner clearly has other ideas. Clever as it is, we’re not sure it will catch on.



The brush-stroke of genius

Six worst DIY car repair jobs

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It’s no fun to embark on a car journey with a broken aerial as there’s no chance of hearing your favourite tunes on the radio. Armed with a bit of basic knowledge about how antenna work and a simple household sweeping brush, this handy car owner has ensured that they can listen to music stations and traffic news to their heart’s content. Plus they can sweep up any mess they see along the way.


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