Seat Ibiza Ecomotive “mean and green”

Seat will show off its most economical car producing the lowest emissions when it unveils the Ibiza Ecomotive at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this week.

The company has described the vehicle as both mean and green as it has a sporty style and will be among the lowest-polluting cars in Britain when it goes on sale in 2008.

Emitting 99 g of CO2 per km, the car will avoid London’s congestion charge as it fits into band A – exempt.

“To put the Ibiza Ecomotive’s 74.3 mpg economy figure into perspective, it would allow a tour from Calais to St Tropez (approximately 735 miles) on just one modestly-sized 45-litre tank of diesel,” the company commented.

Seat is a Spanish company currently owned by Volkswagen – Europe’s largest car maker.

The Ibiza and Leon models are among Seat’s most famous lines.


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