Rare Beetle Spotted

Volkswagen Beetle GSRVolkswagen’s Beetle fans will be pleased to discover that a beautiful new limited edition GSR model will be offered in the UK from September of this year. However, their enthusiasm will be tempered by news that only 100 of the 3,500 available globally will be on sale in this country.

The Volkswagen Beetle GSR was first made in 1973. Almost 40 years on, the Chicago Auto Show unveiled a modern take on the popular classic. Based on the Beetle 1303 X, GSR stands for Gelb-Schwarze Renner (Gold Black Racer). Similarly, only 3,500 of the original were produced.

The new car re-interprets the Seventies ride. Both cars are head-turning yellow (gold) black, however a platinum grey and black can also be ordered in the new version. Upgrading the ‘73 edition, wheels go from 15” steel to 19” alloy. The black yellow interior is now leather. There are R-Line racing seats in the new model and the steering wheel has a badge with special edition number on it. There’s an R-Line dash, GSR stick, leather handbrake etc.

In terms of performance, the new GSR has over four times the power of its predecessor – 50 PS has become a 2.0-litre turbocharged 210 PS engine. The new GSR goes 0-62 in 7.3 second and has a respectable top speed of 142 mph, 38.7 mpg and CO2 of 169 g/km.

From September of this year, the new GSR can be ordered with six-speed manual or DSG gearbox and £24,900 or £26,400 to add DSG.


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