Preparing your dealership for a busy period

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March is one of the busiest months for car buying. The release of new number plates usually sees a spike in new car sales, while drivers looking for bargains on used vehicles also increases, as dealerships prepare to clear out some of their old stock. For car dealerships to take advantage of such an active period they must be on top of their game.

As the number of drivers buying a car from a dealer increases, dealerships must prepare themselves to cope with a growing number of customers. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your dealership for a month when you may be swamped.

Clear the deadwood

In order to make enough room on the forecourt for an influx of new cars with 2017 plates, throughout March your dealership will need to sell as many vehicles as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by reducing the prices of any vehicles that have been hard to sell over the past few months. Anyone considering buying a car from a dealer will expect to find a few bargains or at least discounts on used cars for sale in the first few months of the year.

Use efficient tools

There are many important records, pieces of data and information that every dealership must process. This soon adds up during busy times and can become overwhelming, especially for smaller dealers. Investing in a dealer management system is ideal to keep track of everything to do with sales, inventory, finances, warranties, and other administration tasks.

DNA is an excellent dealer stock management system, for both keeping track of stock levels and promoting your dealership. It can be used to create a bespoke website that is mobile-friendly and search engine optimised, as well as enhancing customer connections through contact forms and test-drive booking features.

Employ enough staff

If you’re expecting an increase in customers buying a used vehicle from your dealership, you will need to be adequately prepared. You could lose customers and potential sales if they have to wait around for hours before being able to buy a car, so ensure you have enough salespeople on board. Use temporary workers if you think this will only be a short-term situation.

Remember customer service

Throughout the month remember all the essentials that make your dealership a success in the first place. Letting standards slip in any area could result in negative reviews, or lost sales. Therefore, it’s important that all staff remember and implement top sales and customer service practices during busy periods to uphold the dealership’s reputation.

Signing up to the AA Cars Dealer Promise can help ensure this, as your dealership will have to meet its ten points to remain an approved dealer. These include professionally preparing and handing over vehicles in a good condition, hand over all essential documents, offer a road test and many more.

If you follow these steps and always keep customer service at the front of your mind throughout a busy period, then your dealership is bound to succeed during a highly active month or two.

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