Motorists set to be able to take unaccompanied test drives, DVLA confirms | AA Cars

The DVLA has confirmed that drivers will be able to go for a test drive unaccompanied when coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions are lifted.

Dealerships will need to have the correct insurance in place, and need to hold official trade plates to let you go for a test drive without a dealer representative. 

Many new car buyers and dealers alike were concerned as to how they’d be able to go on a test drive while maintaining social distancing measures, which requires people to remain 2 metres apart. So this announcement from the DVLA will come as relief to many. 

The DVLA confirmation was given in a statement to the Independent Motor Dealers Association (IMDA). It said: “We have received an update from colleagues in service management and policy and they have confirmed that a prospective purchaser may test drive a vehicle on trade plates, without the trader licence holder being present.

“Trade plates are the property of the Secretary of State and motor traders should take all precautions to make sure that trade plates are not stolen.” 

Not every motor trade insurance policy will cover the move, so it’s worth double checking to make sure you’re insured to drive the car unaccompanied

This news follows on from a recent government announcement that confirmed cars could be sold and delivered online during the coronavirus situation. It’s something many dealers and drivers had asked for clarity on since showrooms were closed on 23 March.


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