Hardly slow motion – the new Sharan Bluemotion

The Geneva motorshow, which commences next week on March 6th, will see the debut of the new seven-seater Volkswagen Sharan Bluemotion, with a re-tuned 2.0-litre 140 PS TDI engine.

By extending the gear ratios to reduce the rate at which the engine is turning, and the turbo-charger boost, the modifications result in a drop in CO2 from 177 g/km to 159 g/km while economy rises to a combined 45.6 mpg.

Volkswagen Individual, established in Wolfsburg in 2003 to handle special engineering and design projects, has also reduced co-efficient drag by lowering the nose and ride height.

Dealers will be able to get details of the UK launch date and prices after the show launch.


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