Favourite British Cars: Which Comes Out Top?

Here in Britain we are car crazy about cars and that love affair shows no sign of changing any time soon. With millions of of cars changing hands every year, picking a favourite is bound to be subjective. But here’s our choice of the best of British cars and the reasons why we’ve picked them.

5. TVR Griffith 500

TVR Griffith 500

We start our list with the TVR Griffith 500, or simply the TVR Griffith as it used to be known. Built between 1991 and 2002, the Griffith is a small sports car with a big engine.

The Rover V8 power plant could be optionally increased from 240bhp to 280bhp and both variants pack a powerful punch. A lightweight and well-balanced car, the Griffith is a firm favourite among its fans who still support the annual “Griff Growl” .

4. Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin was of course, made famous by the Bond franchise. And the Aston Martin DB9 is a true icon of motoring and really celebrates what’s great about being British.

The 2012 version of the DB9 is regarded as being the finest of a long line of superb cars, with Aston Martin improving both the engine and the overall driving experience.

With a top speed of 190mph on some models and a 0-60mph speed of 4.6 seconds, it is a truly British supercar that really is a world favourite.

3. Range Rover 

Range Rover

At number three, we have the versatile Range Rover. A member of the Land Rover family, the Range Rover is the car of choice for many celebs and footballers. Because of its spaciousness it’s a favourite for family motoring too so can be found in the city as well as its natural country habitat. Its 4×4 drive copes with almost anything and it’s a natural option if you’ve a horse-box or trailer to tow.

This 4×4 is unrivalled when it comes to driving off the beaten track, with the Top Gear boys regularly putting it through its paces on a variety of off road courses. It may not be the most economical of cars, but its engineering is impeccable.

2. Jaguar E-Type 

Jaguar E-Type

The epitome of power and sophistication, the Jaguar E-Type is undeniably one of the greatest cars to ever built in Britain.

In 2008, the E-Type topped the Daily Telegraph’s “World’s Most Beautiful Cars” list, and rightly so, as it is one of the most stunning car designs ever. Even Enzo Ferrari labelled it as “the most beautiful car ever made”. As a result, the car was a true icon of the sixties and it places highly on our list. Of course it has been our car of the week in the past.

1. Mini

Mini Cooper

You can’t have a list of Britain’s favourite cars without including the Mini. A true symbol of the ‘swinging sixties’, the 1959 original Mini (introduced in two brnads, the Austin Seven. and the Morris Mini-Minor) designed by Sir Alex Issigonis, caught the nations imagination. Innovation was packed into its compact design, including monocoque body, transverse engine and front-wheel drive The Cooper version was a favourite of rally drivers, most famously the Monte-Carlo. The original Mini ceased production in 2000, with over 5.3 million built – making it the most popular British car of all time

In 2001 the new generation Mini was launched by the marque’s new owners BMW. Still built in the UK, it’s certainly bigger than the original but visually, is still very much a Mini

The Mini has won many awards but in its 40th year was voted “European car of the Century” – this heady accolade demonstrating that the best things really do come in small packages.

The main star of both the original and the remake of the Italian Job, the Mini has a firm place in the hearts of Brits. In fact, the Mini was so popular that in 2009, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the car, Royal Mail even commissioned a stamp sporting the car.

Mini therefore rightfully has our stamp of approval at the top of our list


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  1. Jane Ainsworth on

    Where is the Morgan? The Range Rover was rubbish, a Mark 1 landrover but not a Range Rover. And one of the MG sports cars would look better in the top 5 than the TVR. Aston Martin would be top of my list.