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Designed to be practical and sleek in equal measure, the estate is always a great option for families needing space and comfort. If a driver wants some more involving to drive, then an estate is a much more intriguing option than a similarly-practical SUV.

Manufacturers now focus more on SUVs and crossovers due to the changing tastes of drivers. But estates are still an established part of the market that won’t go away anytime soon. 

With so many great estates on sale trickling their way into the used market, here’s our 10 best estates that you can buy second-hand. 

Skoda Superb Estate

Skoda’s flagship model, the Superb is known as one of the best saloon and estate cars for an affordable, practical and comfortable option. The latest model, unveiled in 2015, has recently been given a facelift, so we’ll start to see many more of them on the used market. Drivers will be able to get one of the most capable estates around, especially when you consider the 660-litre boot space with the rear seats in place. With used options available from £5,794 on AA Cars, users can snap up a great cut-price estate.

Mercedes E-Class Estate

Widely regarded as one of the best all-round cars on the market, the current Mercedes E-Class is effectively a small S-Class. In estate form it’s one of the most practical as well. The 640-litre boot is one of the largest on the market, while previous versions had extremely good specs for the time they were released. As well as being a handsome option, prices start from just £795 on AA Cars.

Honda Civic Tourer

It wasn’t until the ninth generation that Honda’s popular Civic was offered in an estate version. The Tourer may be a rare sighting on the road, but one that is well-built and provided with plenty of equipment. With a 624-litre boot and a good amount of equipment, this is an estate that should be high on everyone’s list. It drives well and its engines are as efficient as options from rival manufacturers. Prices for the Civic Tourer start from £6,289. 

BMW 5 Series Touring

Introduced in 1990, the 5 Series Touring has established itself as one of the leading estates on the market. The Touring has consistently offered a high level of equipment and lots of comfort features, making it one of the most capable cars around. It may not be as practical as its closest rivals from Mercedes and Audi due to its smaller load space, but it’s still popular with new buyers, which benefits the used market down the line. Models from the 5thgeneration 5 Series are available from £1,990 on AA Cars.

Volkswagen Golf Estate

The Golf is one of the UK’s most popular models, and the Estate version combines the well-equipped package of the hatchback with additional space in the back for extra practicality. With 605 litres of space in the boot, the Golf Estate packs a lot of room for a reasonably compact estate. Available from £2,495 on the AA Cars marketplace, buyers will be able to pick up a great deal. 

Ford Mondeo Estate

Although it doesn’t have the badge appeal of the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes models, Ford has established itself in the hearts of the British public. With the Mondeo, the American firm was able to shoehorn its way into the executive car market. After it replaced the Siera in 1992, the Mondeo has remained a bargain option for those needing a practical family car that is also quite involving to drive, much like the smaller Fiesta and Focus. Used options are available from £690. 

Peugeot 308 SW

The most recent iteration of the 308 SW may not have been the most stylish, but it offers excellent comfort and shows how much Peugeot has improved over the last few years with its family vehicles. The sleek-looking SW comes with an impressive amount of equipment for its relatively affordable starting price. With models from 2014 costing from £3,495, drivers will be able to find a bargain with this well-built model.

Volvo V90

Well known as one of the best brands for making secure and comfortable family cars, it’s their approach to safety over the years that sets Volvo apart. Brought into the Volvo line-up in 2017, the plush estate comes with an extensive amount of equipment as well as a fleet of safety systems. The 560-litre boot space may not be the largest around, but it provides drivers with more than enough room to pack everything they need inside. It also looks very cool indeed, so although the current cheapest used model costs in excess of £19,000, customers would get a model that is bang up to date. 

Audi A4 Avant

Much like the German rivals from BMW and Mercedes, Audi offers its own estate models that provide a good driving experience, as well as a series of quality features. The A4 Avant rivals the likes of the Mercedes C-Class Estate and BMW 3 Series Touring, so the 505-litre boot is on par with other options in its sector. Add to that a group of efficient engines, handsome styling and an off-road angled Allroad model, and you’ve got a compelling option. Prices for used A4 Avant models start from £1,995. 

Seat Leon ST

Built on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf, the Seat Leon ST is engineered towards more driving involvement. It’s marginally less practical than its chassis mate due to a sloping roofline, but that makes the model look that little bit sportier. Only introduced with the 3rdgeneration Leon, the ST has been on sale since 2013, but that means it comes with a good level of equipment and features that aren’t very dated at all. Used options start from £4,395 on AA Cars.


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