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It’s safe to say that the sports utility vehicle (SUV) market has boomed in the last few years, with more motorists wanting a higher driving position and rugged styling from their vehicle.

With most manufacturers now offering at least 1 SUV in their range, it’s much easier to get a great deal and a satisfying driving experience.

Here are 10 of the best SUV options currently available on the used market.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda’s largest SUV is one of the best options on the new market. But having been released in 2017, the used sector is starting to be filled with models – and that can mean a great bargain can be had. 

The Czech brand fills its cars with plenty of equipment as standard, so with 2017 examples of the Kodiaq on sale from as little as £18,500, you’ll be able to enjoy a capable SUV for a cut-down price.

Mercedes ML

Up until 2015, the current Mercedes GLE SUV was called the ML, but was renamed to align with the rest of the brand’s naming structure. Sitting in the middle of the firm’s SUV line-up, the ML offered much of the equipment people want in a premium SUV, such as a quality infotainment system and 4-wheel drive.

While more recent models are more attractive propositions, examples from the first generation are on offer from as little as £1,499.

Nissan Qashqai

Although it wasn’t the first crossover on the market, the Qashqai made the crossover sector one of the most popular around and it continues to be one of the top-selling models in the UK.

With models from 2 generations to choose from, customers will find a reliable model that offers plenty of space and a hatchback-like driving experience. Prices for used first generation Qashqais start from £2,490.


As BMW’s first SUV, the X5 was and has continued to be a landmark vehicle for the German firm. Although the latest model has proved to be one of the most capable SUVs around, used examples are comfortable, well-balanced and come with an impressive amount of equipment.

The added prestige of the BMW badge helps with the appeal, while all generations up to this point have been handsome and quality pieces of kit. For used X5s, prices start from £1,499. 

Audi Q5

Alongside the German challengers from BMW and Mercedes, Audi also provides plenty of choice if you’re looking for an SUV, and the Q5 stands in the mid-sized sector. Introduced in 2008, the Q5 comes with a smart design as well as a good deal of equipment.

The Audi badge appeal also helps attract customers on the lookout for a pre-owned model, and with used prices starting from £5,000, drivers keep an eye out for a good deal.

Peugeot 3008

The 3008 has been around for some time now and the latest version is arguably one of the best SUVs around on the new market.

So, with 2017 models starting from £15,798 on the used market, motorists can get their hands on a stylish mid-sized SUV with good levels of equipment and good driving manners.

Mazda CX-5

Introduced in 2012, the CX-5 was an important car for Mazda, as it was the first to come with SkyActiv technology. That tech included a rigid and lightweight platform alongside more efficient powertrains, as well as a sharp design.

The latest version is arguably the best-looking yet, but the first iteration isn’t an ugly car by any means. As a Mazda, driving pleasure is also a key feature, so with used models available from £6,000, motorists will be getting a bargain. 

Lexus RX

If you’re on the hunt for an efficient used SUV, the Lexus RX might be the car for you. After the second generation introduced a petrol-hybrid powertrain, the third and current generations further refined the driving experience, while also being very practical for a model at the larger end of the SUV spectrum.

For models from when the third generation was introduced in 2008, prices start from £8,995.

Volvo XC90

As the largest offering in the Swedish firm’s line-up, the XC90 was Volvo’s second SUV when it was introduced in 2002, and after the first iteration lasted 12 years on sale, the latest version arrived in 2014.

The current XC90 is one of the best-looking SUVs around, while being one of the safest vehicles currently on the road. It’s also crammed with tech and comfort features to make it that much more enticing. Used versions of the XC90 start from £1,595.

Toyota RAV4

With Toyota being one of the leading manufacturers in hybrid technology, the RAV4 has been able to benefit from that and establish itself as one of the most efficient and reliable SUVs around.

With the fifth generation of the model only recently added to the market, examples from the previous iteration that come with hybrid power and a high level of equipment start from £7,975.


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