5 things we’ve learnt from the Frankfurt Motor Show


With the Paris Motor Show starting in a few days’ time, we’ve looked to the recent Frankfurt Motor Show to see what new tech and driving innovations could be hitting dealerships over the next few years.

1. Things are going green

One of the most notable things to come from the Frankfurt Motor Show this year was the rise of electric vehicles. But it’s not just their eco credentials that have been making waves, it’s the fact that the lack of a petrol or diesel engine has meant cockpits and interiors can be totally transformed. MAN, for example, has created an urban delivery truck with a huge windscreen and a sliding door, which means we can expect some incredible car designs to start appearing over the next decade.

2. Hybrids are the next step

Another notable addition was the number of hybrid vehicles at the show, which suggests that the new and used car markets may see an influx of hybrid and electric cars in the coming years.

3. Self-driving is going to be big

For the last few years we’ve been hearing a lot about self-driving and autonomous cars. While still in its infancy, some manufacturers are taking great leaps in developing this technology. Tesla’s work is one example and one of their new trucks will have the ability to self-drive. Volvo has gone one step further though – they’ve removed the driver altogether. The Vera is a low, sporty looking machine designed to haul around large and heavy loads entirely on its own.

4. Technology is key

Autonomous vehicles like the Vera will need to be constantly hooked up to a network, linking them to each other and to a central hub where they can be monitored. They will be able to talk to one another and analyse information from the surrounding infrastructure. What’s more, the V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) systems involved in this will constantly update the cars with new data, telling them if there’s traffic ahead, if an accident has happened, or if they need to find an alternate route.

5. You might never need to own a car again

‘Mobility’ is the new buzzword. Manufacturers in both the commercial and automotive sectors are leaning towards monthly payment models for transportation. So instead of physically owning your own vehicle, you just pay a fixed fee to use a car when you need one. Much like Uber, you’d order a driverless car through an app, which would arrive in minutes to take you to your destination..

In a similar vein to this, Daimler has come out with a concept called Urbanetic. There’s no cab or controls, and the interior can be switched from cargo lugging to people carrying in just two minutes.

With all this in mind and with the Paris Motor Show just around the corner, it’s safe to say the automotive sector is smack bang in the middle of some hugely exciting times. Perhaps one day your next used car could be self-driving like a Tesla, or maybe your electric Renault Zoe or your Nissan Leaf will have its own app?

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